Affinity Publisher 1.9

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Die neuen Features und Verbesserung in Affinity Publisher 1.9 werde ich hier zusammenfassen und aufführen. Die neue Affinity Publisher Beta Version findest Du hier zum Download.

Du kannst die Affinity Publisher Beta herunterladen, vorausgesetzt Du hast Affinity Publisher gekauft und besitzt eine gültige Lizenz. Es wird empfohlen die Beta Version nicht für kommerzielle Aufgaben zu benutzen, da es sich bei der Beta noch um eine Test Version handelt. 

Wenn Du zum ersten Mal eine Kunden-Beta einer Affinity-App verwendest, ist zu beachten, dass die Beta neben Deiner Store-Version als separate App installiert wird. Beide Versionen stören sich überhaupt nicht und Du kannst die Store-Version ohne Bedenken weiterhin als dein Hauptprogramm für deine Arbeiten verwenden.

Neue Features in Affinity Publisher 1.9

  • Data Merge
  • Use the Data Merge Manager (Document > Data Merge Manager) to create a new datasource based on a Text / CSV, JSON or Excel file
  • Insert Fields from the datasource into text objects via the Fields Panel
  • Fields that represent image resource paths can be applied to Picture Frames
  • Optionally, use the DataMerge Node Tool in your source document to create N-up tiled source records
  • Use ‘Generate’ from the Data Merge Manager to create a new document based on your source document and datasource
  • Package
  • Use ‘Save As Package’ and target an empty folder to create a packaged copy of your document and collect used fonts and linked images into subfolders
  • The package folder can be moved in its entirety to another location or to another device
  • On re-opening the package, links to images will be resolved and fonts can optionally be temporarily installed
  • It is important to adhere to copyright and licensing restrictions if redistributing images or fonts
  • PDF Bookmarks
  • Bookmarks provide a listing of flagged content that are present within a PDF document.
  • Bookmarks can be added via the Anchor Panel or automatically generated from a Table of Contents.
  • PDF Passthrough
  • It is now possible to flag placed PDF files for PDF passthrough. When such a file is encountered during PDF export it can be embedded verbatim in the output PDF ensuring 100% fidelity.
  • PSD flattened image representation
  • When placing a PSD we now use the flattened bitmap representation in the file rather than interpreting the file content ourselves. This will generally give better results on output.
  • Convert Pixel Layer to Image Node / Picture Frame
  • It is now possible to convert a Pixel Layer to an Image or Picture Frame plus content.
  • Initial Text Baseline Advance
  • Text frames now support an ‘Initial Advance’ property. This can be helpful to keep text aligned with other page elements and ensure predictable consistent layout.
  • Path Text
  • Additional controls now make it possible to avoid flowing text onto both sides of a curve. Additionally it is now possible to hide overflowing Path Text if desired.
  • Configurable Bleed and Margin Guide Colours
  • The colours used for Bleed and Margin guides are configurable by the user and saved with the document.

Product registration and store content streaming

We have now added the ability to link your Affinity app to your Affinity account through a new app registration process. This will have the advantages of you being able to stream any content you have purchased or received for free from the Affinity store directly to all your apps without having to manually install them. This is of particular use to customers who have more than one of our apps, or run our apps on different devices and operating systems as all your content will automatically be available across all of them.

If you register the beta app you will initially receive a free brush kit (the luminance brush kit) for testing purposes. We appreciate it is of little use if you only use Publisher. In a couple of weeks however this will be expanded to include all of the store content you may already own.

While this is the full scope of what we are implementing for 1.9, the link between your account and your apps will open up the possibility for us to offer other features and services in the future which we think you will like.

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